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Caduceus Science is dedicated to the highest quality of alternative wellness products, delivered with
confidence and transparency to the goal driven individuals of the world.

The Caduceus Science affiliate program is an exclusive program developed for our most loyal
customers and partners. Connect with like minded individuals and earn rewards
while you're at it!

The best benefits

Benefits For Our Affiliates

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Refferal Commissions
Earn 10%+ in cash on referrals you generate

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Enjoy huge member discounts (25%+)

Exclusive Products & Gear
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Click the "Apply Now!" button below, fill out the form, and submit your application to become a member of the Caduceus Science affiliate program.



A Caduceus Science team member will review your application in 5-7 days. We will notify you with details to proceed. (Business applicants, please check your emails to schedule a call with a Caduceus Science representative)



After approval, you will follow the provided instructions to get your accounts setup and your rewards flowing!




  1. Hold yourself accountable
    Self accountability is a requirement on your mission to success. Own every single mistake you make and learn from it. Humility can be your best friend. If you wish to be a leader, you must first be able to hold yourself accountable. Find a balance in this value, as to much of an ego will inhibit your ability to grow and improve.
  2. Lead By Example
    Set the example and lead from the front. Show everyone around you what it looks like to be an effective leader and effective team member.
  3. Be Honest
    If one can not be trusted with small tasks or truths, they can not be trusted with big tasks and truths. Always be honest and transparent with yourself and with others, even in uncomfortable circumstances. Your word is what allows people maintain trust in you. 
    "Conflict avoided is conflict multiplied" - Jordan B. Peterson
  4. Always work to improve
    Never stop working on yourself. Always continue to pursue a better you. Read books, listen to self-improvement podcasts, attend networking groups and seminars. The minute you allow yourself to become idle, you lose.
  5. Collaborate Effectively
    The people around you are your most valuable tool. Provide value before taking value and work effectively with your associates. Individuals become more powerful in numbers.
  6. Be respectful
    Be courteous and respectful to those around you. But even more importantly, respect yourself. Appreciate yourself, your skills, your time and share these things with those who respect them.
  7. Maintain Consistency
    Be consistent in your actions and keep focus on your missions. Keep pushing through obstacles placed in front of you. There is no problem you will face in life, that you can't create a solution for, but consistency in pursuing solutions is a necessity.
  8. Stand for what you believe in
    ALWAYS stand for what you believe in. Even in the face of adversity. The toughest of times will push you to question your beliefs the most. Do not waiver and do not withold. You are as entitled to your beliefs as everyone else.

Frequently asked question

Is there an age requirement?

We require our affiliates to be the a minimum of 21 years of age unless otherwise approved by a Caduceus Science manager.

Are there any monthly dues?

No! Our Caduceus Science affiliate program is totally risk free! The only fees we require you to pay, is live your life by the Caduceus Science core values & spread the word about us!

Are there any requirements I should know about before applying?

The only requirement prior to applying to become an affiliate is having placed an order in the past. We require this so that you, as an affiliate, can provide honest, genuine feedback to your friends, family and followings. We believe no one should be pushing a product or brand they don't truly believe in!

Do you have to have a large social media following or web presence?

It certainly helps, but is absolutely not a requirement. We look at each candidate as an individual representative and make our decisions case by case.

Does it affect my application if my social media accounts are private?

Not necesarily, but privates accounts are incapable of reaching the optimal audience to produce the results you may desire. The limited access to your content limits your viewing potential, so just keep that in mind if you are approved for our program.

When can I apply to be an affiliate?

Application reviews are always open and you can apply at any time. We do require an initial purchase and experience with our products and brand prior to approving any candidate.