Caduceus Science was founded in 2019 by a small team of driven individuals passionate about the vast benefits of alternative wellness products. With a current focus in hemp-derived cannabinoids infused in high quality, hand-crafted products, Caduceus Science stays ahead of the curve in utilizing a broader range of compounds and natural derivatives, to deliver a superior experience.


Caduceus Science doesn't just deliver a quality product, we provide an experience. Relief is our goal and we're pretty dam good at delivering it. Each of our products is carefully formulated for a purpose and has earned it's place in our catalog.

Short Story
Why We Do What We Do

In 2016, Mark Picozza, our CEO and Founder was in a near fatal car accident, leaving him with PTSD, severe anxiety, chronic headaches and neck pain, and several other ailments.

After battling for years with these issues and combatting severe depression, he stumbled across CBD extracts and they completely changed the way he dealt with his issues. This natural alternative to pharmaceuticals had totally changed the way he perceived healing.

Finally experiencing the relief he so desperately perused, he was able to better understand his conditions and strengthen his mind and body.

Now, Mark has the privilege to deliver the same relief to thousands of others through Caduceus Science and our broad range of alternative wellness products.

Caduceus Science is his mechanism and with an incredible team around him, he has the privelege to open the eyes of individuals in similar positions that he had found himself in. 

We are proud to serve those who wish to better themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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    Meet The Team

    Mark Picozza

    Mark Picozza


    Mark leads the Caduceus Science team as CEO & an original founder of the company. He has over a decade of experience in the alternative wellness space, product development, business management, and much more.
    K.a Joben

    Stephen Keeler


    Steve is one of the original additions to the Caduceus Science team and has been a prominent factor in product and business development. He has over 7 years of experience in product R&D and operations experience.
    Richard Bauer

    Rocco Possemato


    Rocco joined the Caduceus Science team towards the end of 2020 and has filled a vast range of voids in our organization with his broad range of skills. Rocco has an important influence in everything from manufacturing to networking to various areas of marketing.
    Richard Bauer

    Jordan Stockman


    Jordan has been with Caduceus Science since day one and has brought to life our brand vision through her innovative and professional design work. Jordan has a vast range of skill sets in the graphic design space and continues to push her own limits.


    We are proud to be an America First company based out of Biddeford, Maine. All our ingredients are sourced from US based companies and manufacturers. Our hemp derived extracts are cultivated and processed in US based facilities, providing a clear chain of custody and ultimately reliable products.


    2 Main St, 15-217
    Biddeford, ME 04005


    Mon - Fri: 10:00am - 5:00pm EST
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