Affiliate Program

Become A Caduceus Science Affiliate

The Caduceus Science affiliate program was created to offer to our loyal customers and partners added incentives for sharing with the world their results with our products.

Due to heavy restrictions and a "pay to play" system with Google and social media platforms for the hemp industry, it makes it near impossible for small businesses like us to market our products. Fortunately, we have worked so hard to produce products that truly work, the results speak for themselves, and so do our customers.

Word of mouth will always be the most valuable form of marketing and we take pride in our ability to reach as many individuals as we have, even with the entire marketing world pitted against us. Needless to say, we couldn't have achieved this without each one of you.

Fill out the short application below for a chance to become a Caduceus Science affiliate and start earning cash for the referrals you are so generous to send our way.

Our affiliate program includes a 15% discount for your loyal followers/friends and a base commission of 10% which can be increased after following a review of performance after 3 months in our program. Everything is tracked using the Affiliately platform and data is easily accessible to our affiliates.


 Affiliate Application