Hand Sanitizer – 150mg

Mini Hand Sanitizer Ingredients:

Active Ingredient:

• Ethyl Alcohol 70%

Inactive Ingredients:

• Water
• Glycerin
• Propylene Glycol
• Tocopheryl Acetate
• Aloe Barbadensis
• Eucalyptus Oil
• Lemon Extract
• CBG Distillate (hemp derived, full spectrum)

Product Description:

Caduceus Science™ Hand Sanitizer infused with full spectrum CBG distillate. A balanced, proprietary blend of ethyl alcohol, water, glycerin, propylene glycol and aloe with added vitamin E, lemon extract, eucalyptus essential oil and hemp derived, full spectrum CBG distillate.

Alcohol is a fantastic antimicrobial; however, it doesn’t have the greatest effects with consistent and long-term use. It can dry your hands and crack your skin leading to other issues and discomfort. We use a mix of aloe, glycerin, vitamin E and CBG distillate in our mini hand sanitizer to counter the negative effects of the alcohol and restore your skin.

Finally, a product with all the sterilizing properties of a commercial, 70% alcohol hand sanitizer and the added topical benefits of CBG, CBD and other phytocannabinoids! Pocket sized with an easy application spray nozzle; Caduceus Science™ Hand Sanitizer is perfect for when you’re on-the-go!

Our mini hand sanitizer has all the sterilizing properties of a standard hand sanitizer with the added benefits of CBG.


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